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What Men Want 2019 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p

What Men Want 2019 Movie download from Movies Paper. Download What Men Want full movie HD in a single click. Click the download button to download What Men Want Full Movie in HD 720p.

Movie Details

What Men Want 2019Movie Name: What Men Want 2019
Cast: Taraji P. HensonAldis Hodge
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Quality: 720p
990 MB
Watch Time: 1 Hour 48 Minutes
Language: English
 What Men Want (2019) on IMDb


A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear their thoughts.

Brief Overview :

What Men Want 2019 is a Hollywood movie in the English language. Adam Shankman is the director of this movie. James Lopez, Will Packer are the producers of this movie. The writer of the movie is Alex Gregory, Peter Huyck, Tina Gordon Chism, and Jas Waters. The movie is based on What Women Want by Nancy Meyers. What Men Want movie cast includes Taraji P. Henson, Aldis Hodge, Wendi McLendon-CoveyPhoebe RobinsonTracy Morgan, and other stars. Music of the movie is by Brian Tyler. Download What Men Want movie 2019 HD 720p BluRay. The Cinematography of Movie is by Jim Denault. The release date for the movie is February 8, 2019.

Movie Review :

What Men want ought to be a horror flick. The premise of a girl — significantly a girl operating within the masculine world of a sports agency, as What Men Want’s heroine will — given the gift to envision within the minds of men ought to, on paper a minimum of, be a radical feminist. They Live or an unreal nightmare à la Blue Velvet. However, since it’s determined to be a romantic comedy. A minimum of tangentially, within the vein of the 2000 urban center Meyers film What ladies wish (a determination that’s itself bizarre). What Men want may be a wildly uneven stretch of a film that’s a lot of a flail than a romp.

Taraji P. Jim Henson plays Ali, an alpha lady and female offspring of a boxing coach who has fully grown up to be a powerhouse sports agent in Atlanta with an elaborate loft, a loyal lapdog of an assistant (Josh Brener) associated an anemic making love. Despite being the sole lady within the space, she is pretty certain she’s on the cusp of being created partner at her agency.

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However, the honor is instead presented to an agent her junior, through what seems to be some quite shadowy boys-club poker-night loyalty that she isn’t aware of. Dejected, she goes to her friend’s bachelorette party, wherever they need to employ a questionable psychic (Erykah Badu) who provides her some freaky tea and sends her on her thanks to the club. A fight breaks out on the flooring, Ali is knocked out, and once she involves she will hear men’s thoughts (starting with the observably under-the-influence doctor taking care of her).

The voice-over result that carries this premise may be a shaky one, and a few of the boys Ali eavesdrops on ar higher at delivering it than others. The direction of these should-be paranormal punch lines is truly a fragile art; we have a tendency to shouldn’t be able to tell that it absolutely was recorded individually, on a special day, with a special mood, by one’s self in an exceedingly recording booth.

The flick isn’t while not its pleasures, although — the violent zigzag between thought rom-com and raunchy R-rated sex farce (a used safety options in an exceedingly prolonged comic setpiece) permits for a few pockets of pleasantly goofy nonsense foreign from a lot of assured films. Henson’s comic timing remains nice even once the fabric isn’t, and Badu is that the loopy-great highlight of the film, introducing a sort of liberating madness to the film that it might are wise follow.

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Adding to the estranging result is that it’s fully unclear what Ali is meant to be learning from her new powers. She will figures out wherever the poker night is, that gets her in an exceedingly position to impress the daddy of the young No. one draft choose the agency is appeal (Tracy Morgan, in an exceedingly really contradictory role, tonally and logically.) then again so as to win the father’s approval, she should cause as a “family lady,” labor her one-night stand can (Aldis Hodge) and his young son into her pretend family, while not their data, as a result of premises this flimsy solely work with most content on all sides.

Of course, she and can eventually fall infatuated for real, and Ali, commonly deaf in bed, uses her psychic powers to own mind-blowing sex with him. Henson and Hodge have sensible chemistry and are each pretty screaming in each the unhealthy and sensible love scenes, however, that doesn’t exclude from the actual fact that one amongst the first ways that during which What Men wish thinks hearing men’s thoughts would be helpful would be an increased ability to please them in bed.

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What Men Want 2019 Full Movie Free Download HD 720p

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